Cassington FC

Welcome to the homepage for information about Cassington Football Club.

Cassington Football Club have had a bit of an off-on history in recent years. The most recent incarnation was formed in 1986 after a two year gap - but even the latest team folded in 2009 and the football club is no longer active.

Cassington FC had found some success after the Second World War with players also coming from Eynsham and Yarnton, although Yarnton formed their own team in 1947. Cassington were competing in the Witney & District Football Association for one season in 1929/30 and not returning until 1946/47 and 1947/48. They left again and did not return until 1960/61 and competed until 1964/65. They were back from 1967-68 to 1971/72 and 1973/74 to 1983/84. Cassington were back in 1987/88 and were runners-up in Division 4. The following season the won Division 3 and then runners-up in Division 2 (although not promoted). They continued in the WDFA until the end of the 1998/99 season but were back again in 2001/02 and won promotion to the Premier Division in 2006/07.

Their most recent ground is located in Elms Road (see key A in maps below) and has been the home of football in Cassington since 1954. The site was donated by the Duke of Marlborough. The ground is still occasionally used for cricket and football, but there is currently no village football team.

Previously their main pitch was located on the Yarnton Road at Worton (B) - this was located on the field immediately between Jericho Farm and the track to the current Thames Water STW site. This area is known as Sandford Brake Farm and is directly opposite the entrance to Worton Park.

Prior to this they had played on field adjacent to the A40 (which had been opened in 1935). The pitch used was in the field on the right after leaving Cassington towards Eynsham, and is the first field after the small River Evenlode bridge (C).

They have also played on the Burleigh Road in the first field large field on the right (D) - in which the Battimer bungalow not sits. This field is the one in which two men were killed in a light 'plane crash in 1939.

Cassington have also played a few games in the field on the opposite side of the A40 from their other pitch, the field which can be access from both the A40 and via the old road leading to Wharf Farm (E), although at the time the entrance would have been from the Eynsham Road side at Wharf Farm.

Other matches have been played on the old cricket ground, known as Little Battimer (F) - found in the first field on the right heading towards Yarnton from Cassington after cross the Battimer ditch - just after the bend in the round at the junction with Burleigh Road.

Also a field owned by Jim Hale (Thamesmead Farm) had been used, this was down the track which continues on the opposite side of the A40 - the continuation of Horsemere Lane (G). This site was more recently occupied by Oxford Charcoal Company but is currently empty.